Fender Max

The World’s toughest inflatable fenders


Than the conventional inflatable fender

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Fender Max is a unique design that uses material science to produce the World’s toughest inflatable fender.

Made from ArmourteQ a special high tensile, abrasion resistant polymer with a diamond knurled finish – the fender is exceptionally strong – yet super kind to your hull. It won’t mark or squeal. It doesn’t need a fender cover.
Maintenance is minimal. Deployment is fast.




Super Tough
The ArmourteQ construction gives the Fender Max over ten times the abrasive resistant life of the Hypalon (CSPE) and PVC fender. It lasts longer and protects better, as our video shows.
Diamond Knurled
The distinguishing feature of the Fender Max is the diamond knurled finish. This innovative process reduces friction, stops fender squeal and allows the surface to self clean.
Welded Construction
The Fender Max is welded together with a joint that is as strong as the material itself. It’s tough, stable and presents a smooth profile to the boat’s hull. A welded joint will not catch, fray or fail.
The Fender Max is 100% air-tight. No leaks. No topping up. No pressure relief valves to fit and maintain. Seams are thermally imaged inspected for total security and peace of mind.
Eco Friendly
No toxic chemicals are used or emitted during the production of the Fender Max. This eco friendly process benefits the environment. It enhances your green credentials.
Impact Resistance
The Fender Max has massive resistance to impact. High kinetic energy loads are absorbed and deflected with ease. It will not fail or collapse like a conventional fender.
Fender Cover
A traditional fender cover, in polyester or acrylic, is not required. This saves assembly time and reduces cost. Traditional covers trap dirt and need to be constantly washed and maintained.
Fast Deployment
Ready for action the Fender Max inflates fast. With no covers to fit and adjust you have more time to deploy. Docking, or coming alongside, becomes easier and not a rushed manoeuvre.
Low Maintenance
Easy to maintain. A quick rinse with cold water. Then deflate, stow and forget. Nothing could be simpler or faster.
Max fenders have amazing durability. We guarantee them for five years but expect them to last much longer.


How good is ArmourteQ?
We turned to an angle grinder for the answer!

Hypalon wore through in 3 minutes, PVC in 6 minutes.
ArmourteQ had not worn through 60 minutes later.







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