Fender Max The World’s toughest inflatable fenders

Fender Max

The World’s toughest inflatable fenders


Than the conventional inflatable fender

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Fender Max is a unique design that uses material science to produce the World’s toughest inflatable fender.

Made from ArmourteQ a special high tensile, abrasion resistant polymer with a diamond knurled finish – the fender is exceptionally strong – yet super kind to your hull. It won’t mark or squeal. It doesn’t need a fender cover.
Maintenance is minimal. Deployment is fast.





1 – Ultra-Durable ArmourteQ Construction

Experience unparalleled durability with the Fender Max. Our revolutionary ArmourteQ construction ensures over ten times the abrasive resistance compared to traditional Hypalon (CSPE) and PVC fenders. Protect your vessel better and enjoy extended longevity, as showcased in our informative video.

2 – Diamond Knurled Innovation

The hallmark of the Fender Max is its diamond knurled finish. This cutting-edge feature minimizes friction, eliminates fender squeal, and promotes self-cleaning of the surface. Say goodbye to tedious maintenance and hello to effortless performance.

3 – Robust Welded Construction

Crafted with precision, the Fender Max boasts welded construction that rivals the strength of the material itself. Enjoy stability and peace of mind with a joint that won’t catch, fray, or fail, presenting a sleek profile to your boat’s hull.

4 – 100% Air-Tight Assurance

Rest easy knowing the Fender Max is 100% air-tight, eliminating leaks, topping up, and the hassle of pressure relief valves. Our seams undergo thorough thermal imaging inspection for total security, ensuring worry-free docking experiences.

5 – Environmentally Conscious Design

Embrace eco-friendly boating with the Fender Max. Our production process refrains from using or emitting toxic chemicals, contributing to environmental preservation and bolstering your green credentials.

6 – Unrivaled Impact Resistance

Experience unparalleled protection with the Fender Max’s exceptional impact resistance. It effortlessly absorbs and deflects high kinetic energy loads, ensuring your fender remains intact and reliable under all conditions.

7 – Integrated Fender Cover

Bid farewell to traditional fender covers with the Fender Max. Our integrated design eliminates the need for additional covers, saving assembly time and reducing costs. Say goodbye to dirt-trapping covers that require washing and constant maintenance.

8 – Rapid Deployment Advantage

Be ready for action with the swift deployment of the Fender Max. With no covers to fuss over, you’ll have more time to focus on docking maneuvers without feeling rushed. Docking and coming alongside have never been easier.

9 – Effortless Maintenance

Simplify your boating experience with the Fender Max’s low-maintenance design. A quick rinse with cold water is all it takes to keep it looking pristine. Deflate, stow, and forget – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

10 – Unmatched Durability Guarantee

Trust in the lasting durability of Fender Max fenders. While we guarantee them for five years, our commitment to quality means you can expect them to endure for much longer, providing reliable protection for years to come.


How good is ArmourteQ?
We turned to an angle grinder for the answer!

Hypalon wore through in 3 minutes, PVC in 6 minutes.
ArmourteQ had not worn through 60 minutes later.







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